Homesteading goals for 2020

My homestead goals list is pretty long, so this year I selected a few to work on. These are goals that either interest me or will help me live a more conscious and sustainable life. Plus, they can be fun. And as the year progresses I will update you on how I'm doing.

Reusing citrus peels is kinda of an odd one but it is something I've decided to try this year. I've collected some and I made multi-purpose cleaner! I took my citrus peels and some distilled vinegar and placed them in a mason jar together. After two weeks I can mix it with equal parts water and keep in a spray bottle.

I also want to work on cooking more from scratch. Cooking from scratch can not only save you some money but its also healthier for you. It lets you control the ingredients! I do have some set foods to try and cook from scratch but I'm also going to look at others to do as the year progresses. So far I have elderberry syrup. Elderberries are great! They give excellent immune support. Which is something you always need during the winter! Ice cream is next on the list! I confess, I have an ice cream maker. No, I do not use it. This year I want to dust if off and put it use! And this way I can use raw milk an I don't have the extra gums and other stuff companies put in.

Pancakes should be an easy one to do. But whenever I'm in the mood for them, I just buy the mix. Which is crazy because my pantry has all the necessary items. Bread is something I've been trying to make from scratch for awhile now. I just can't get a good sandwich bread. Plus, my bread maker is another appliance that needs to be dusted off!

Making my own candles is going to fall more on the hobby list. I don't know if I want to get to deep into this one but I would like to read more on it and possible try making a few. if nothing else, maybe I'll make some candles for the wedding!

Devon's Note: We do have some tallow set aside for this purpose so maybe we can mix it with some beeswax to make a candle that holds it's own.

I've been trying to grow my herb garden for a while now. This year I'm going to put more of an effort into it. I don't really want a big herb garden. I'm thinking more of a small kitchen one that I can use all year. It would just be nice to have seasonings that I use all the time right there for me. Plus, it might help with herbal home remedies. Thus far we have started some thyme for the garden and there is more to come.

Herbal home remedies are always good to have on hand. I just want to have a few basic remedies to start off with this year. I'm not quite sure which ones I'm going to do, as it still requires more in depth research, but it is something I want to look into. With any luck, our comfrey plants survived and will produce something of note. And hopefully we can get some foraging in for some of the wild medicinals in the area.

My last goal this year is to incubate some eggs. I have an incubator and like the bread and ice cream machine, it's pretty dusty. So, this year I'm going to try to incubate some eggs. Maybe I'll even write a post on the process and you can see some cute chicks! Devon also traded some meat birds for a silkie hen last fall and we are hopeful that she will hatch a few chicks for us.

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