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Green Field

Latest Episode

The latest episodes will be displayed on the following page, for now that means the first one! If you're looking for a particular episode, then these archives will be the place to look!

   The Show

A show dedicated to Wyoming's farmer's and ranchers. Wyoming Agriculture Podcast exists to showcase some of the thousands and thousands of agricultural enterprises that are not only possible in Wyoming but thriving in Wyoming. From Microgreens and mushrooms to the illustrious cattle operation, from dairy farms to barley growers, there is a diverse skill set among Wyoming farmers and an even more diverse set of goals and desires. But I believe they all have one thing in common, the grit and determination to farm in Wyoming and a love for our small communities and the soils that support them. Join me as we meet these stewards of the soil and the operations that drive them.

Organic Home Garden

Your Host

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Devon Olsen

Executive Producer & Host


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